Thursday, September 20, 2012

A fond farewell...

It is with a full heart that I announce Toad Lillie’s closing. My love of making exquisitely pretty things and helping women feel gorgeous has been such a wonderful adventure. I still can’t believe that in two years I taught myself both how to design and how to run a business. From my early days of crafting theatrical pasties to decadent collections that were lauded internationally and photographed by world class photographers, it has been a wonderful roller coaster ride bringing my fanciful dreams to light. As a creative, there’s nothing more rewarding than crafting beauty and seeing that beauty embraced.

Deciding to move from a little hobby making pasties to establishing a full-fledged label was the scariest and most thrilling thing I’ve done to date. Along the way I discovered what a passionate woman I am and that I’m far more fearless than I ever gave myself credit for in the beginning. Though self-taught, I was determined to master the design and technique to develop an exceptionally crafted line with a strong point of view. As my skills and the label grew, so did the brand. I was happily surprised at how the business facets of growing a brand, especially the marketing and social media portions, can be extensions of creativity as well.

Above all the best part of my Toad Lillie experience has been forging relationships with people. Being a solo-entrepreneur can be a lonely and daunting journey. I never realized how outgoing I was until I spent days alone in the studio with only my virtual connections to keep me company. Connecting with my customers, fans, colleagues, and peers was incredibly rewarding and kept me invested in my vision through many a challenging time. It is difficult to walk away from something you love, but when I was honest with myself about what would make me happiest I realized I’m my best around other people. While the creative spark may come from within, my fire comes from engaging with the world in a collaborative and dynamic way.

So it’s with a leap of faith that I say goodbye to this lovely little flower of mine and look for the next adventure. I’m not entirely sure what that will be but I figure if I can start a successful brand from scratch all I need to do is jump and I’ll land on my feet. Thank you to all of my customers and fans, for believing in me and my vision. I will cherish your stories of how Toad Lillie made you feel empowered and beautiful. And thank you to my amazing colleagues and peers within the lingerie industry. You are some of the most generous, fascinating, and talented people I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with. I am proud to count many of you as friends. Big sappy kisses and hugs to all of you.

xx Laurie